What is candida? How do you beat it? Live video Q&A with Ricki Heller

What is candida? How do you beat it? Live video Q&A with Ricki Heller
February 17, 2015 Heather Nicholds, C.H.N.

I’m thrilled to be hosting a live q&a with Ricki Heller, who is the go-to gal for info and recipes to help beat candida as a vegan.

You may remember her from such recipes as chocolate-flecked pumpkin seed cookies, breakfast sausage patties, or lucuma ‘butterscotch’ pudding’.

Check out her site for her fantastic recipes and information resources: RickiHeller.com

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We’ve had so many entries to this giveaway, blowing way past 100, so I’ve shared an amazing recipe from her new book – chocolate chip cookie dough truffles. You won’t believe what the base of these truffles is! Hint: it’s amazingly rich in protein!

Ricki is also hosting an amazing series of live webinars – you can sign up for parts 2 and 3 right now – just click here for more info.

Not sure what candida is? We’ll get her to explain. Not sure how you know if you have it? We’ll have her share her story.

One of the absolute best things you can do to kick your candida overgrowth is take time for a short 3-day tune-up. My veggie cleanse is perfect, because it nourishes your body with veggies and healthy whole food fats from nuts and needs, and eliminates refined sugars.

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