Consultation Client Feedback

quotation mark I started Friday and today is my last day for the cleanse. I did everything to the tee just like you said. The probiotics, green enzymes, aloe & lots of green veggies. I’ve also been consuming the 64 ounces of water a day and I feel GREAT!!!! My energy has skyrocketed, my digestive system is working great and I feel so good I almost do not want to come off of it. Tomorrow I will gradually add some grains & legumes back into my diet. I plan to stick with this diet, yes I know sometimes I may slip. But the most important part is that I will get back up and keep it moving ๐Ÿ™‚ I will keep you posted on my progress. Until then be well!!!
-Nadine Newburgh, NY

quotation mark I am so excited about your way of putting it all together – the why do this plan is so easily understood and the how to implement this plan is also the best laid out how I have seen. I have been struggling with learning about and implementing the raw food diet, food combining, blood type diet, etc and supplementation since 1999. Thank you for your work!!
– Mari, Savannah, Georgia

quotation mark Your work is simply fabulous and I am sooo excited with this questionnaire and personal support.
Sara, Lisbon, Portugal

quotation mark The personalized plan I got was an amazing source of info. While I was reading it I could relate quite easily, and thought to myself these are my symptoms and yes this is what happens to me. It made me want to read through the plan right away to know what I can do to fix it.
-Justin, Oakville

quotation mark Thank you so much for this incredible nutrition plan. I can’t wait to get started. The cleanse will be a challenge but much easier than one I’ve done before (Master Cleanse). At least I get to eat food (and good food at that)! There’s so much information. I’m really grateful to you because I have been to two nutritionists, and neither of them did very much analysis to try to figure out my real issues, and certainly they never provided such in-depth information and suggestions. The cheat sheet will help enormously, and I really appreciate the recipes. I can do this!
Darlene, Smyrna, Deleware

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My absolute favorite thing about the assessment was your sample of a meal plan. Just seeing a yummy well put together list of what I could eat in a day helps overcome the fear of making the change. It was nice to see such yummy options! I love your assessment. I kind of knew what my issue was, but I wasn’t sure of what changes I needed to make. After reading it through, I realized that the detox and foods you suggest are what I need – so thank you.
-Leslie, Hamilton

quotation mark Your nutritional assessment was incredibly useful!! So far the cleanse you recommend has helped me to discover some of the foods my body simply doesn’t like….foods I have been eating for years! I can feel some of my symptoms lifting already, but more importantly, psychologically I feel GREAT about what I am finally doing for my body
-Haley, Amsterdam

quotation mark This is phenomenal information and I will be focusing on it. I have had the e-books for a little while and thoroughly enjoy them. You are so amazing and I think your knowledge can change lives for the healthier! I really liked how this simplified a plan for me. The conclusion pretty well matched what I already knew but didn’t know how to change my eating to feel better. It is realistic and honest, anyone can benefit from it!
-Melissa, Vancouver

quotation mark This program you designed specifically for me I believe is really going to help tremendously. I already feel pretty good. I’ll keep you posted as things progress. Thank you so much for all you do. I really enjoy your website, the videos and everything you share with us.
-Tamra, Lakemoor, Illinois

quotation mark First off I want to say a big THANK YOU for what you do. It’s truly appreciated! Secondly, I did the cleanse the day after you sent all the info. I didn’t realize how addicted to sugar I was until in the late afternoon on the first day. I wanted it BAD! I’ve never felt better in my life than when I follow your meal plans.
– Melissa, Ogden, Utah

quotation mark I did the cleanse this week. Your recommendations so far have had amazing results. You were right, sugary things and refined grains were causing me problems. I really did not expect my health to improve so significantly by taking them out (I was relying partly on them for energy). I haven’t incorporated all of your tips yet, partly because I’m in the middle of something and time is scarce, but I’m in the process of, and will keep following your advice as closely as possible. Thanks so much, you’re truly an amazing nutritionist
Valentina, Lugano/Ticino, Switzerland

quotation mark Heather, you are soooo the best. Thank you so much. And I really mean that. Taking your suggestions and refining my current diet has been very successful. I wanted to thank you for your very reasonable approach. You were the only one who had something reasonable to offer. For that, my vote (for what it’s worth) is that the health-conscious world out there could really benefit from your consultations. Thanks, Heather. I really appreciate you.
– Jeannie, St. George, Utah

quotation mark I can’t put in words the positive influence that your work has been doing on me since I first came across it, 2 months ago. I particularly don’t have any health serious problems and I am a meat eater, however I prefer to eat and cook vegetarian and vegan meals most of the time. There are some things that totally changed on my diet and cooking process with your videos and tips and I want to improve everything I can to feel healthier and deal with some specific issues I want to, regarding my diet/body and well being. And that’s why you became a star on my day-to-day life ๐Ÿ™‚
-Sara, Lisbon, Portugal

quotation mark I’ve started to implement your recommendations (2 weeks ago): I’m taking supplements (selenium and multivitamins) and I’m following your healthy vegan recipes. I’ve also added a green smoothie to my daily routine. I make it with a banana and a zucchini and some spirulina powder, soy protein and aloe vera juice. I try to drink one every morning before my breakfast. I really enjoy it! I try to buy organic as much as I can (only a few cheats). I stopped using processed food (only a few cheats, like twice a week) I have never drunk coffea, only green tea (1 or 2 cups a day)
– Gaelle, Paris, France